Namık Kemal University Faculty of Medicine was established on March 17, 2006 under Act No. 5467. Prof. Dr. Murat

 DİKMENGİL was appointed as founding Dean on March 16, 2007 by Institution of Higher Education and he retired on

 October 16, 2007. Prof. Dr. H. Kadircan KESKİNBORA acted as dean of the faculty between September 25, 2007-July

 27, 2009. 

       Our faculty has developed rapidly since it was founded. The relevant legislation for Faculty of Medicine was prepared

 quickly, faculty departments were established, and faculty members were assigned to the established departments. Our

 faculty has gradually developed by the commencement of Basic, Medical and Surgical Sciences Departments and

 affiliated Divisions. The faculty continues to recruit academic and administrative staff and works towards the completion

 of physical infrastructure. In accordance with article 7/h of Act. No. 2547 of the Council of Higher Education modified by

 Act No. 2880 and article 6 of Act No. 2809, it became eligible to open license degree program in 2008-2009 academic


       As a result of inspections made by a committee of the Council of Higher Education, the faculty was found to have

 appropriate infrastructure and a sufficient number of faculty members, so it was determined that it can train students in its

 own facilities and Namık Kemal University Faculty of Medicine began with 21 students in Değirmenaltı Campus of Namık

 Kemal University in 2008-2009 academic year. In the following academic year, 31 students were registered to Namık

 Kemal University Faculty of Medicine. Currently, the faculty offers education to a total of 252 students in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th

 and 5th grades. We have 72 Faculty Members (13 Professor, 13 Associate Professor and 50 Assistant Professor), 35

 Research Assistant in our faculty.

       In November 2008, the hospital which had been constructed as Hospital of Obstetrics and Pediatrics in 1996 and

 used as a Hospital of Chest Diseases in recent years was transferred to Namık Kemal University with the protocol signed

 by the Ministry of Health. Our University Research and Application Hospital with modern facilities is better with each

 passing day outpatient clinics, operating rooms, intensive care, and laboratory services.

       In addition, our new University Research and Application Hospital, which was prepared its project, is planned to be

 completed in 3 years in Değirmenaltı Campus, which is the basis of the building to be constructed beginning in 2012.

       Faculty of Medicine Deanship and Morphology Building has just been completed and put into service. The faculty uses

 all its facilities and resources to offer modern medical education and training.